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Hello. :) I'm nica. I'm an ultimate fan of Girls' Generation and K-Pop in general ^_^

And this tumblelog will mainly consist of the TaeFany pairing and SNSD. :)

Hwaitaeng ! <3

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Don’t forget they also roll on the floor like they just don’t care

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snsd + blue

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when you’ve been swimming and water is in your ear


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When you almost slip but you luckily regain your balance…



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Fany shouted “NO” very loudly during Taeyeon’s musical kiss scene
Fany shouted “NO” very loudly during Taeyeon’s musical kiss scene

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"we spent 3 years of memorable time together,laughing and crying. I hope you stay this way forever. let’s talk more often. 
I love you miyoung." - taeyeon, 2007.

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The model in the controversial “photoshopped” swimsuit ad came to prove us all wrong. Boy, were we wrong. 

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